1st Navy Jack (Don't tread on me flag)

1st Navy Jack (Don't tread on me flag)

This flag is believed to have flown aboard the Continental Fleet's flagship Alfred, in January, 1776. Commodore Esek Hopkins raised this flag to signal his fleet to attack the enemy.

Currently, the Secretary of the Navy, Gordon R. England, has ordered all U.S. Navy ships to fly the First Navy Jack in place of the Union Jack for the duration of the Global War on Terrorism. In a memo to all ships and stations, England explained:

"The temporary substitution of this Jack represents a historic reminder of the nation's and Navy's origin and will to persevere and triumph."

It replaces the traditional US naval jack which is dark blue with 50 white stars, arranged as in the national flag.

We stock 3ft x 5ft sizes in nylon and polyester for most of the services. This flag is only available in 3ft x 5ft size and 4x6 inch. Also known as the "Don't tread on me flag".

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