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20ft In Ground Flagpoles

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The 20 ft flagpole is a standard permanent installation size that you’ll see in both residential and commercial settings. It’s the perfect size for a flagpole in the front lawn and there are many options to choose from. We have very economical choices and 20 ft flag poles that rival commercial grade quality.

We carry silver-toned flash collars for our 20 ft poles to add another dimension of class to your design. Many people create flower gardens around their flag poles, making the setup a very nice addition to any home.

You can choose a standard aluminum pole, complete with a flag, for under $100. Or, you can move up to a sturdy tapered sectional pole that can withstand high winds up to 100 miles per hour. These sectional heavy-duty poles are perfect for residential use because they can be broken down and shipped via standard UPS.

We offer a selection of different 20ft flagpoles, to suit every budget and requirement. All these poles are sectional, and ship by UPS at our standard shipping charges.

The lower priced 20ft flag poles are made outside of the US exclusively for Online Stores Inc, to our high specifications. These kits include a printed flag, which can be upgraded to a superior US made sewn nylon flag for $12.

The Valley Forge 20ft flagpole is a similar kit but is US made by Valley Forge Flag Co. These kits are packaged for Online Stores in special boxes for UPS shipping and may not have the manufacturers name on them. The same kits are sold by major stores in presentation boxes at higher prices.

We also offer a heavy duty tapered flagpole kit, which tapers from 3" at the base to 2" at the top. This kit looks like a commercial grade pole.

We also offer sectional commercial grade flagpoles from $260. These are tapered poles with 0.125" wall thickness, which ship by UPS at our standard shipping charges. These poles are rated at 70mph windspeed with a flag.

For businesses and high wind areas, we offer commercial one piece flagpoles which ship in 1 section by special truck ( typically $100 or more additional shipping costs apply). The commercial poles require expert installation.

View assembly instructions for this flagpole kit ( 2.5 Mb PDF file )

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