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Christian Lapel Pins

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  1. USA Flag/Christian Flag Lapel pin

    USA Flag/Christian Flag Lapel pin

    SKU: FLGLPNR1000035569
    $4.49 $3.29
  2. Christian Cross Special Design Pin with USA Flag

    Christian Cross Special Design Pin with USA Flag

    SKU: FLGLPNR1000035560
    $4.49 $3.29
  3. Christian Cross Special Design Pin with Texas  Flag
  4. Christian Cross gold finish lapel pin
  5. Christian Flag Lapel Pin

    Christian Flag Lapel Pin

    SKU: FLGLPNR1000035559
    $4.49 $3.29
  6. Christian Cross Special Design Pin with Canada  Flag

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6 Item(s)

Christian lapel pins are a nice way to show your faith on your everyday clothes while remaining tasteful. The United States Flag Store carries four varieties of Christian flag pins that are of the highest quality.

We have the standard Christian flag pin that features the white flag with the blue box and red cross in the upper left hand corner. We also carry the combination American flag and Christian flag pin for patriotic and religious look at the same time. We have the standard gold finish cross pin that is tastefully simple, but our most unique Christian pin is the American flag within the cross pin. This combines the classic cross shape with the style of the waving American flag and shows that America is really “under God”.

We offer a 3 styles of high quality Christian Pins which include: USA/Christian Friendship pin, Christian flag, Special cross with USA Flag, and cross in a gold finish. We carry these items in inventory and they normally ship in 1 - 2 days.

We can also custom make pins and patches to your specifications, in about 4-6 weeks. Click here for details.

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