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Fiberglass Flagpoles

Fiberglass Flagpoles

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Great selection and lowest prices on all flagpoles from 5ft to 100ft. We are the largest direct vendor of flagpoles in the US, and we ship the next business day. We supply only the best quality products. Our flagpoles and flagpole kits are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to last for many years. They are much more sturdy than you will find in most stores. Our factory direct pricing combined with our low overhead direct sales allows us to offer better quality products at much lower prices than you can find elsewhere.

Typical delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks. These large flagpoles are too long for UPS. They ship by truck from a number of warehouses across the US. Shipping costs vary according to the flagpole and your location, and are typically not less than $100. Shipping costs can exceed $500 for larger poles and orders for multiple poles. Residential deliveries are more expensive than commercial locations. Our shopping cart is not able to calculate these costs, and will add $24.95 for shipping. You can call in toll free 1-877-734-2458and we will obtain a shipping quote for you prior to placing an order. Alternatively, place your order online and we will contact you by email with a shipping cost, normally by the end of the next business day. At this point you may cancel the order without penalty. Some of the larger flagpoles are made to order so there may be a cancellation charge once you accept the shipping costs and the order is in progress.

All poles are double spiral wrapped with protective paper and shipped in a hard fiber tube.ÿWARNING - The flagpole shaft will stain if allowed to remain in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If there is any sign that the shaft or its shipping tube has come in contact with water during shipment, remove from the tube and unwrap immediately. If the shaft is to be stored outdoors, it must be stored unwrapped, out of the tube and off the ground.

Our residential fiberglass flagpoles and commercial fiberglass flagpoles have many benefits. They are virtually maintenance free with options like a hinge base and the standard gel coat finish. The extremely light weight of our fiberglass flagpoles and the optional hinge base allow one person to raise and lower the entire flagpole (poles up to 40 feet). These flagpoles also have an ultra-hard, gel-coat finish that is impervious to all weather conditions. They will not pit, corrode, or rust. This is extremely important near salt water or in rugged weather conditions. Fiberglass flagpoles will not conduct electricity.

Our standard flagpole has a brilliant white, pre-cast gel-coat finish. All poles have the same dura-hard, fade-free, weather resistant finish. We also offer Metallic Aluminum or Bronze colors for additional $175.00. These colors offer you the option for an aluminum look, with all of the benefits of fiberglass. For custom colors please call for a custom quote.

Our commercial poles ship by truck and our shipping calculator is not able to accurately calculate the cost. For more information about buying a commercial grade flagpoleÿclick here.

Our high pressure molded fiberglass flagpoles are made by using an innovative high strength method. To understand the manufacturing process, envision a metal tube or pipe cut in half lengthwise and then hinged back together. This is the steel mold. Instead of wrapping the fiberglass around a mandrel and waiting for it to dry, seven layers of reinforced fiberglass roving and polyester resin are wrapped around a rubber inflatable bladder and then placed inside the steel mold. The mold is coated internally with gel-coat. An inflatable bladder is laid the length of the mold and the mold is then closed and the bladder inflated to high pressure. All the air and excess material is forced to the outside and exits through this vent line. This creates the small mold mark you will see. Curing is continued at full pressure and the resulting flagpole is stronger, denser, lighter and longer lasting than any other fiberglass flagpole on the market today. So strong in fact, that tensile strength is 50,000 pounds per square inch. Each pole is rated to withstand wind speeds of 120 mph.

The truck and finial on our outdoor fiberglass poles are also state of the art. The pulleys that were once standard equipment on all flagpoles have been eliminated entirely. No need to worry about pulleys jamming or breaking. They have been replaced by machined and highly polished aluminum races that are set into a high-density polymer truck assembly. Best of all this entire truck assembly revolves 360 degrees for unobstructed flag flying during the most changeable of breezes. Flags are no longer hung on the wrong side of the pole, and whether the wind is coming from the east or the west, the truck assembly will swing to let the flag fly perfectly.

Above the truck assembly is no ordinary finial. The shape itself has been redesigned to prevent birds from sitting on your finial and defacing your flagpole. Additionally, you no longer need to worry about the ball fading, flaking or pitting next to the blue sky. Instead, you can look up and always see a highly reflective, dazzling gold finial. The secret is in a high-tech process known as electrostatic plating. Gold paint is electrostatically adhered to the inside of a clear high-density plexiglas finial. Because it is on the inside, this finish is not exposed to rain and other weathering elements.

Need help or advice? Just callÿtoll free 1-877-734-2458ÿand our friendly staff will explain the options and benefits.

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