Flag Desk Sets

Flag Desk Sets

American flags aren't the only way to show your patriotism. Online Stores makes it easy to decorate your home, your car and yourself in shades of red, white and blue to make your pride in country easy to see. Our flag and flagpole accessories include a wide range of products from car magnets to replacement finials and even flag-covered hard hats. Our accessories are priced low so you can let freedom ring whether you're at home, at work or traveling.

These flag desk sets look great on any desk or display case. The flags are nicely sewn from quality polycotton fabric, and are mounted on black plastic shafts with gold spear tips. They are supported by a varnished hardwood base.

We have historical, military, Texas and Confederate versions.

We sell hundreds of Military flag desk sets. Great for military gifts or decorating for a military ball. Support our troops with military flag desk sets.