Flag Pole Lighting

Flag Pole Lighting

Light your flag and flagpole up at night. We have durable, quality spot lights for flagpoles, flood lights, landscaping lights and metal halide flood lights. Be patriotic, follow code and light your flag up at night! American Flag Etiquette suggests that the American Flag should be illuminated at night.

Bullet Fixtures:

Bullet flag lighting provides great color rendition, instant-on, dimming capability, easy installation and low initial costs.

Flood Lights Fixtures:
Flood light fixtures provides architectural design with on-site versatility and is designed for general purpose floodlighting applications. This light is designed for flagpole, sign lighting and landscaping. This flagpole light can be aimed above or below horizontal.

Landscape Lighting and Heavy Duty Flood Light Series:
Landscape lighting is ideal for ground level lighting. Our spot light is ideal for lighting your flag and pole up at night. Fly old glory with pride by installing this flood lamp in your flagpole garden.

Metal Halide Spot Lights:
This high pressure sodium spot light provides HID illumination for large flags up to 20' x 38' and large flag poles up to 100' in height.

Solar Power Lights:
Solar Power Lights flagpole lights are made to attach to any pole up to a 3" diameter. These lights are easy to install, they have super-bright LED's and are suitable for residential and commercial use.

Flagpole Lighting Tip:
When purchasing flagpole lights, you should figure in 2 - 3 fixtures at 120 degree set back at half the height of the flag pole.

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