Flag Pole Shoe Bases

Flag Pole Shoe Bases

Cone tapered flagpoles up to 12 in diameter can be mounted to a flat concrete base using this sturdy fitting aluminum shoe base. If ordered at the time of your flag pole purchase, the pole is welded to the shoe base at the factory. A spun aluminum flash collar is included as standard.

The anchor bolts are sold separately. $14.00 each - $67.00 each depending on shoe base

This flag pole shoe base is normally only available factory fitted / welded to a flagpole. If ordered separately additional shipping charge may apply, as the base may be too heavy to ship by UPS. In addition a waiver form will need to be signed, as we are not responsible for attaching the base to the flag pole. This flagpole accessory is made for large flagpoles mounted on the top of buildings, sidewalks or any concrete surface.