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Flagpole Installation Instructions

Below is a list of flagpole instructions. Please download or view your choice of informative instructions to help you effectively install your new or existing flagpole. If you don't have a flagpole kit yet, we have everything you need to get started. Selecting the correct flagpole for your area and your needs is an important decision. There are several key factors that need to be considered when choosing your flagpole. These include your location in the country, the location of the pole on your property, cosmetic preferences, and how you want your flagpole to blend with its surroundings. All of these factors need to be thoroughly reviewed before actually purchasing the right flagpole to suit your needs. This page has more information on selecting a flagpole, or you can visit this page to buy a flagpole. For information on wind speed in your area of the country click here

  • View instructions for Typical Embedded Foundation ( 268 KB PDF file).
  • View instructions for a Flagpole Snap Illustration (199 KB PDF file).
  • View instructions for a How to rope an External Halyard (1702 KB PDF file).
  • View instructions for a How to rope an Internal Halyard (2175 KB PDF file).