Flag Manufacturers Association of America ( FMAA )


Mission of the FMAA

Top United States flag manufacturers joined together to form the Flag Manufacturers Association of America in February 2003. A non-profit trade association, the FMAA represents U.S. flag makers and suppliers. Its mission is to promote the quality, variety and proper use of U.S. manufactured flags. The association also educates the public and members about the manufactured flag industry in the U.S.

The FMAA focuses on the organization and advancement of the U.S. flag manufacturing industry, setting standards for manufacturing and marketing U.S. flags. It stays in contact with local, state and federal government and U.S. manufacturers.

Members of the FMAA promote U.S. flags which are 100% made in America.

Certified Made in the U.S.A.

The FMAA accomplished its goal of establishing a “Certified Made in the U.S.A.” program. This certification program assures consumers that an American flag is manufactured in the U.S., of U.S. manufactured materials and with American labor.

Flag manufacturers like Annin & Co., C.F. Flag, J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. / The Flag Source, and Valley Forge Flag Co. support the FMAA “Certified Made in the U.S.A. program.


  • To monitor governmental affairs dealing with flags and the flag industry, staying informed of issues and voicing the industry’s concerns.
  • To promote FMAA and flag-related issues to the public with press releases and other media.
  • To sponsor educational seminars and programs within the flag industry.
  • To assist members in maintaining compliance with current laws and standards.


FMAA: Flag Manufacturers Association of America.

"Association Headquarters Earns Stars and Stripes with New Client: Flag Manufacturers Association of America Formed" Association Headquarters, Inc. 2003.

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