Gadsden Flag (Dont tread on me)

Gadsden Flag (Dont tread on me)

The Gadsden flag is often misspelled as Gadsen Flag, gadsen Flag, gadsen, gadson, gasden, gadston, Gasden Flag, Gadsend Flag or gadsend Flag. It is also called the snake flag, or the "Don't Tread On Me" flag. The Gadsden Flag has been used throughout politics as a symbol of disagreement. This flag was most notably was used during the Tea Party protests in 2009.

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The Gadsden Flag is also know as the Don't tread on me flag. This flag was first used by Commodore Esek Hopkins, the first Commander in Chief of the New Continental Fleet, when his ships put to sea for the first time in February of 1776. Flags with the symbol of the rattlesnake were very popular in Rhode Island at this time. Colonel Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina copied this flag and presented it to the Continental Congress.

"The Gadsden Flag: Symbol of Freedom"

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