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Good Residential Flag Kits

Good Residential Flag Kits

Good quality residential rotating flagpoles! These flagpoles mount to your house or garage. Choose your flag for each kit; US Flag, Military Flag, Historical Flag, State Flag or World flag. Great savings on multi-buys. Rotating flag poles help your flag flow freely around the pole so your flag doesn't get tangled and fray.

Spinner Flag Pole Kit with Adjustable Bracket

Choose from American, State, Military, Historical and World flag kits!

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These kits include:

  • Very attractive 3ft x 5ft polyester flag with metal grommets
  • High quality 6ft white aluminum spinner (rotating) flagpole with 2in gold finial
  • Sturdy white aluminum adjustable bracket that adjusts horizontally and vertically at 25, 50, and 65 degree angles
  • Pole includes 2 clear plastic EZ mount clips that can be used with grommet or banner type flags
  • Great for residential use


    This kit now includes our new generation standard printed polyester flags. These are very attractive, durable flags, printed on a silky looking polyester fabric. Great for use outdoors or indoors.

    Your flag will never get wrapped around the pole again with this high quality rotating flagpole.

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