Indianapolis City Flags

Indianapolis City Flags

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In 1820, Indianapolis was selected as the site of the new state capital. Jeremiah Sullivan came up with the city’s name by using Indiana and polis which is Greek for city. So the name literally translates as Indiana City.

Adopted in 1963, the Indianapolis flag was designed by a student at the Herron School of Art named Roger Gohl. The centralized white star represents the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and its central position is due to the fact that Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana. In representation of Monument Circle is the white circle with the red field in it. The red is also to signify “the driving energy and urge for progress that has made the City of Indianapolis race ahead.” Its four white stripes symbolize North and South Meridian street vertically and East and West Market Streets horizontally which are the main streets of downtown Indianapolis and the four blue quadrants represent the residential areas of the city.

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