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Military Stick Flags

Military Stick Flags

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Our small flags are of a higher quality than you can find anywhere. The flags are nicely printed onto poly-cotton fabric with bright colors.

They are suitable for parades and other events. Stick Flags are not suitable for young children. Sizes 12" x 18" can be used to decorate graves. They are sewn around the edges, and have a hem sewn at the pole end that the pole slides through. These flags are imported.

We stock all the US forces, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Military flags are a great way to show your appreciation towards America’s veterans. We have military flags in 12x18 inch and 4x6 inch sizes. Our flags represent every branch of the military and are made to the highest quality. All of the edges are sewn and the colors are vibrant. The flags are made to look exactly like the real thing, except smaller and much more economical.

For our small 4x6 inch stick flags, we carry a flag base to hold up to six flags in it. We even have an entire stick flag military desk set that contains all the military branches’ flags, plus the standard American flag. This set is a great value and is a wonderful gift for any career service man or woman.

For the larger 12x18 inch military flags, we carry a wall mount to hold it in both wooden and metal styles. This will allow you to display your military flag proudly in your home for years to come!