Scotland - Scottish Flags

Scotland - Scottish Flags

Get back to your Scottish roots with a stylish selection of Scottish flags from Online Stores. We carry flags in the St. Andrew's Cross style and the Royal Lion Rampant design. The St. Andrew's Cross flag features a blue field with a white X symbolizing the crucifixion of the patron saint of Scotland, St. Andrew. The Royal Lion Rampant is the royal banner of Scotland and includes a yellow field with a red lion in the center and a double border set with lilies.

Scottish flags from Online Stores are available in your choice of 2 fabrics. For an affordable, yet durable option, consider Online Stores' own brand of SuperKnit polyester flags. If you need a daily-use flag, our nylon Scotland flags offer superior durability. While Scottish flags look great when proudly displayed outdoors, don't forget that they can also be used indoors to decorate a home, office or other space.

Did You Know? Scotland's nearly centuries-old St. Andrew Cross flag is one of the oldest flags in the world. For more details, visit, which has free Scottish flag picture downloads, info and history.

Although not officially adopted until the 14th century, Scotland's St. Andrew's Cross flag started appearing as early as 1165 AD making it one of the oldest flags in the world.