US Flag 8" x 12"

US Flag 8" x 12"

Petite 12in x 8in American flags are the perfect size for parades and graves. Online Stores offers a lovely selection of 24-inch wood stick flags made of the same materials as the type you find in stores, but sold for a lot less. Our U.S. stick flags are made from 2 types of materials to suit your needs and budget.

Standard quality flags are made in our own factory in Pennsylvania and are designed to meet our high standards of quality. The flags are printed on cotton fabric with your choice of cut or sewn edges. Flags are available with or without spear tips. Best quality flags are printed on polycotton fabric and have sewn edges. They are mounted on a plastic stick and have a gold spear tip. Both standard and best quality flags are suitable for parades, classrooms and graves.

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