US Stick Flags 12" x 18"

US Stick Flags 12" x 18"

Online Stores is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of 12" x 18" American hand flags. We sell millions of stick flags each year for parades, events, grave markers and more. Stick flags are made using high-quality materials and come from our own factory in Pennsylvania. Standard stick flags are printed on cotton fabric and are stapled to a wooden stick. The flags are finished with sewn edges and are topped with a colored spear tip.

Wall mounts are available for our stick flags allowing them to be displayed in a classroom, office building or other space. The flag holders are perfectly designed to work with the slim poles of stick flags, keeping them secure and at the perfect angle to fully display the flag. Desk mounts are also available. Order your favorite stick flags and enjoy our everyday low prices and superior quality.

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