Small US Flags for Boats

Small US Flags for Boats

We have a large variety of U.S. Yachting Flags and Officers Flags that are perfect for any boat! Search our variety of U.S. Yacht Club Officers flags, U.S. Jack flags, Power Squadron flags & U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary flags. All of these high-quality flags are specifically designed for outdoor use.

Any nautical enthusiasts will appreciate the gift of a nautical or yachting flag from the United States Flag Store. We carry yachting and general sailing flags for both specific groups and the general public.

For instance, we have a standard US flag with the yacht ensign over the blue “stars” area. This is a great flag to hand on any vessel because from afar it looks like a normal American flag. But, up close, you can see the Yacht Ensign and show your nautical pride.

Of course, we have regular American flags, as well as variations, including the “US Jacks” flag (which is only the “stars” section of the real American Flag) and the US Power Squadron flags (where the colors of the American flag are switched from a blue star field to a red one and switched from red stripes to blue stripes).

And, yes, we carry the classic “Don’t Tread on Me” 1st Navy Jack flag, complete with snake print! There are different flags for specific people on a yacht, as well. There are officers' flags for fleet captains, port captains, treasurers, secretaries, and commodores.