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8" x 12" International Flags

8" x 12" International Flags

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Monaco 8" x 12" Stick Flag

SKU: FLGFI8I1000011743


The United States Flag Store makes it easy to celebrate all of the countries in the world with a collection of 12-inch by 18-inch international flags. Dozens of countries are represented in our collection, making it easy for schools, government officials and other organizations to properly display the flags of many countries. The compact size of the flags makes them ideal for education purposes, indoor displays and more.

Our 12-inch by 18-inch international flags are smaller than traditional flags. They include grommets on the hoist side for easy hanging and are made with either polyester or nylon depending on the flag. Our international flags are priced low and ship quickly. Pick your favorite flags today or get 1 of each and build your own collection. For more information on a specific flag, click on its image in the list.