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Warranty Info

We offer 6 months limited warranty from date of purchase on Super Tough sewn polyester US flags and Valley Forge Koralex II American flags in sizes 3ftx5ft, 4ftx6ft and 5ftx8ft. We are not able to offer this warranty on larger flags, as larger flags have a shorter expected life. If your flag becomes worn out or faded in that time we will replace it at our cost.

Please call our customer service department for authorization at 1-877-734-2458

To be replaced under warranty the flag must be badly worn or faded. Obviously after 6 months use we expect that it will show some signs of wear. Only 1 replacement will be made, and we reserve the right to determine what constitutes "badly worn".

Badly worn: normal wear and tear of this fabric hung outside 24/7 within a 6 month period. Such As: Grommet breaks off, header rips, edges start to fray. Please check your flag periodically to assess how it is wearing. Please notify us IMMEDIATELY when you notice that there is a problem.

Online Stores reserves the right to decide what is badly worn. This warranty DOES NOT COVER INCLEMENT WEATHER, such as: Storms, Snow, Rain, Hurricanes, Tornados, Thunderstorms, Micro-bursts, Earthquakes, Ice storms, Tsunamis or any other act of mother nature. Warranty does not cover THEFT. Warranty does not cover damage done to the flag if it is flapping against a building, a tree, branches, a garage, or any standing object or if it comes in contact with any standing object. It is the customer's responsibility to take care of their flag, hang it properly and to take it down during inclement weather.

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