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9-11 Flags

9-11 Flags

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Online Stores is honored to be the leading vendor of U.S. Military and POW flags. We carry flags from all branches of the armed services including the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Special Forces and more. Military flags are available in a range of sizes from stick flags to large outdoor American military flags, making it easy to honor and respect the men and women that serve in the U.S. military.

On the morning of, September 11, 2001, our lives changed forever with devastating attacks on New York City - Twin Towers, The Pentagon, in Washington D.C., and Flight 93 laying to rest in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Support our troops and fallen heroes with these flags and other patriotic items. We carry a large selection of pins, patches, flags, flag cases and other patriotic decor for memorial services and events being held for Patriot Day, September 11.

American flag decorations add a great touch to any room. You can decorate for American holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and 9-11 Patriot Day or just give a room in your house that old-fashioned Americana look.

Here at the United States Flag Store, we carry US Stick Flags that you can put in table centerpieces. You can also line a driveway or walkway with these stick flags. We also carry US Flag Bunting to compliment any décor. Bunting can line tables or windows and is great for creative projects, including pillow making.

Pleated fans are a great addition to any porch railing. Drive down the street in the summertime and you’ll see many houses with this classic decorating touch. Of course, we have patriotic poly streamers for fun outdoor use and table skirts, pulldowns, and much more! Whatever your patriotic design needs are, you can find the decorations here at the United States Flag Store. We have such a wide selection that you can get creative and save money with our factory-direct prices.

American’s became very patriotic after this horrific attack on the United States of America. Online Stores, Inc helps support our troops by donating flags, flagpoles, pins and other items.

We are featuring various 9-11 items and patriotic items on this page for the 9/11 memorial events and Patriot Day functions that are being held in all cities and towns across the world.