Caring for Your Flag

Thank you for purchasing a flag from the United States Flag Store. All of our flags are made to the highest standards. Please take the time to read the following instructions to properly care for and display your new flag. For any further questions or concerns, please call our customer service team toll free at 877-734-2458. They will be happy to assist you.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Strong winds and rain can cause damage to flags of many fabrics. Even all-weather flags will wear faster in these conditions. It's best to take flags down in bad weather. It's also important to check your flag regularly for damage. Larger flags (10ft x 15ft and up) need to be checked for wear at least twice a month. Many people will buy two flags and rotate them frequently. That way one flag can be repaired and cleaned while the other is displayed.

Caring for your Flag

  • Do not store a damp flag. It can get moldy. Allow it to dry and store it in a moisture-proof container.
  • Most outdoor flags can be hand-washed with a mild laundry detergent. If you're not sure if your flag can be washed, or of the proper washing procedure, take it to the dry cleaners.
  • You can do minor repairs to your flag as long as they are not noticeable and it is still a fitting emblem. Flags in bad condition should be retired and replaced. More on Flag Repair and Disposal.
  • Position your flagpole in a clear area where your flag won't whip against rough surfaces, branches or anything it can snag on.
  • Keep your flagpole clean and in good repair. Rust can stain and corrode your flag and rough edges can tear it.
  • Your Flag's Lifespan

    A flag's lifespan is often in the hands of its owner. The U.S. Government estimates that a nylon flag will last about 90 days if it is only flown from sunrise to sunset in good weather. Flags flown 24 hours a day will typically last one half to one third as long. Larger flags have a shorter life than smaller ones because they are exposed to higher wind speeds and the fly ends have a stronger whiplash effect.

    For more information on flags, please visit our Flag Etiquette page.

    Choosing a Flagpole

    Flags and flagpoles come in a variety of sizes. Poles specified for indoor flags, should only be used inside, and outdoor poles should only be used outside. The larger the flag, the taller a flagpole must be to accommodate it. Generally the length of the flag should be one third to one quarter the height of the flagpole.

    If you don't want to do the math, please refer to the chart below.

    Height of Flagpole Minimum Flag Size Maximum Flag Size
    15ft 2.5ft x 4ft 4ft x 6ft
    20ft 3ft x 5ft 5ft x 8ft
    25ft 3ft x 5ft 5ft x 8ft
    30ft 4ft x 6ft 6ft x 10ft
    40ft 5ft x 8ft 8ft x 12ft
    50ft 6ft x 10ft 10ft x 15ft
    60ft 8ft x 12ft 12ft x 18ft
    70ft 10ft x 15ft 15ft x 25ft
    80ft 10ft x 19ft 20ft x 30ft

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