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Afghanistan - Afghan Flags

Afghanistan - Afghan Flags

Afghanistan flags are available in both polyester and nylon fabrics. Our Online Stores Brand Superknit polyester Afghan flag is a nice blend of excellent durability and attractive appearance at an affordable price. Made by a leading U.S. flag company, our durable heavyweight nylon Afghanistan flags feature a strong canvas heading and two brass grommets. They look great indoors and out, and are suitable to be flown on a daily basis. Our small Afghan flags are of a higher quality than you can find anywhere.

Did You Know? Afghanistan has had more changes to its national flag during the twentieth century than any other country in the world...For more info, visit, which has free afghanistan flag picture downloads, info and history.

It’s true. There have been 20 different national flags flown in Afghanistan over the last century.

The most recent flag, adopted in 2004, features three equal parts of black, red and green and a new national emblem in the center composed of Mehrab and Pulpit in white with two flags, a sacred phrase, a rising sun, the year 1298 (which represents the year of independence from Great Britain) and two branches of wheat.

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We are one the largest manufacturers in the world of small flags. We manufacture more than 200 country flags, including international flags, all 50 states, and military, historical and religious flags. Overall, we carry an inventory of more than 1 million flags.

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