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Custom Stick Flags

Great for artwork with fine details and many colors. The flags have a sewn pole sleeve, which mounts the flag to a 10 inch black plastic stick with gold spear tip.

This process is ideal for complex highly detailed designs.

You have a choice of 2 materials:

Thermal Superknit Polyester Flags:

Material is similar to the athletic shirts and shorts. Colors are brighter and have 100% bleed through to the back of the flag. Flags will show shading and fine details. Superknit polyester flags can be used outdoors.

Thermal Polyester Taffeta Flags:

Material is very lightweight, thin, smooth and silky, similar to our best quality 4in x 6in stick flags. Colors are bright and have 100% bleed through to the back of the flag. Flags will show shading and fine details. Taffeta flags are designed for indoor use only.

Thermal Printed flags generally take 4-6 weeks to ship.

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Here at the United States Flag Store, we carry the largest selection of flags in the world. But, if by chance we don't carry the flag you're looking for, you can create a custom one and we'll make it a reality! From custom Superknit Polyester flags (great for 1-5 color images) to digitally printed nylon flags (unlimited colors!), we can put your design on a great looking item for less because we're factory-direct! We also offer digital design services that can help you get the best end result for your money. A custom flag makes a great gift and our quality will help it last for a very long time. Businesses also will benefit from custom flags, as flags are a great way to get more attention, walk-ins, and street visibility. Soft enamel and Photoart pins are also great marketing tools for businesses. We can create custom shapes and fit them with your logos for a truly professional look.

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