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Flag Lapel Pins

Flag Lapel Pins

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The United States Flag Store carries many international, military, and state flag pins. Our pins are of the highest quality and give accurate representations of their real flag counterparts. Our flag pins have detailed designs and vibrant colors, as well.

We have a full line of American and state flag pins. These pins are perfect for hats and any uniform. Plus, with the wide selection that we have, you’ll be able to find a pin to match any group, organization, or fraternity.

There are also combination pins, including the very popular USA Flag and Texas State Flag pin. There are pins for other flags of the world, as well. If you’re showing the pride of your heritage or relatives overseas, you’ll want a flag pin.

Flag pins are small, lightweight, and can go on any type of fabric. Plus, our prices are so low, you could have the entire United Nations set of flags for less than many other companies would charge for just a handful.

The United States Flag Store carries all these flag pins and even the 1st Navy Jack lapel pin with the iconic “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan.

We offer a wide range of International, Military & State Flag Pins. These pins are an all gold metal lacquered design with Clutch Pin. Single lapel pins depict one waving flag while double lapel pins depict a waving flag along with a waving U.S. Flag. The enamel finish is baked on.

The most popular countries, all US states, and armed forced pins are shown on our web site. We carry these items in inventory and they normally ship in 1 - 2 days. Many other countries are available at similar prices by special order, please call or email us for details. We can also offerÿcustom lapel pinsÿto your specifications, in about 4-6 weeks.