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Flag Patches

Flag Patches

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We now offer patches for most of the countries, all of the states and all of the armed forces right here at the United States Flag Store. We carry these items in inventory and they normally ship in 2 - 3 days.

Our state flags are high quality and use many different colors. Don’t be let-down by lower quality patches- the ones you’ll find here at the United States Flag Store have incredibly detailed designs and accurate colors. Plus, the prices are so low; you’ll be able to provide for your whole troop or organization.ÿWe carry some popular flags of the world in patch form, as well. Again, these patches are very high quality and can be used on hats for cultural clubs and fraternities. Finally, we carry the POW and MIA flag patches as well as a myriad of military flags from every branch. These patches are great for veterans, of course, but can be used for classroom role playing.

The United States Flag Store has a wide variety of flag patches, including the American flag and a flag patch for every state in the Union. We also carry a right-hand American flag version for formal uniforms.

We offer a wide range of International, Military & State Flag Patches. All of our patches are embroidered with vinyl backing.

Shield style patch dimensions: approx. 3" x 2.5" Rectangle style patch dimensions: approx. 3.5" x 2.25"

Military Patches are 3" in diameter.

Flag patches are a very popular item and are used on military uniforms, Boy Scout uniforms, and even in professional sports.