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Historical Stick Flags

Historical Stick Flags

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Our small flags are of a higher quality than you can find anywhere. The flags are nicely printed onto poly-cotton fabric with bright colors. These flags are imported.

They are suitable for parades and other events. Sizes 12" x 18" can be used to decorate graves. They are sewn around the edges, and most have a hem sewn at the pole end that the pole slides through. Stick Flags are not suitable for young children.

We stock Betsy Ross, Bennington, Bunker Hill, Confederate Battle Flag, Confederate, 1st Confederate, Gadsden, Grand Union, Old Glory, Star Spangled Banner.

Historical stick flags are a great way to show your love of American history, but in a much smaller package. We have a historic flag desk set that contains American flags from the past two hundred years for one low price. This set comes with a great desk stand to hold all six flags and will make an attractive addition to any desk, library, or social studies classroom.

Of course, you can buy the small 4x6 inch historical stick flags individually, as well. These stick flags are very economical and can be used for school projects or just to create a vintage Americana environment.

Our historical flags also come in 12x18 inch versions, which you can wall-mount. Your historical flag will look great on your wall for years to come and is a great conversation piece. Make sure to learn your flag history and stories behind each change in the American flag so you’re prepared to tell friends and relatives some great American history tales!

We also offer our Best Quality flags which are imported and match our State, Military, and International 12"x18” stick flags.