Small Flag Bases

Small Flag Bases

We offer a great selection of flag bases for both the 4" x 6" hand flag and the 12" x 18" stick flags. You can use them at work on your desk or even at home on the shelf or mantle. We also have a variety of brackets for the 12" x 18" flags.

Get a small flag base to display any of our smaller flags in style! If you’ve ordered, or are going to order, a small flag from the United States Flag Store, you’ll be happy to see our wide array of bases and holders for these flags.

We have a great wooden wall mount for small flags (12x18 inches) that looks great and will add a touch of class to any home. We also carry the standard metal wall brackets that can hold one, three, or five flags at the same time!

Our small flag bases are wooden, look great, and cost only $3. These bases are the classiest way to display your small flags and the price is so low that you can afford one for each flag you own!

Our small metal flag bases come in many varieties and can hold up to six flags at one time. These bases are perfect for those who have a diverse, multicultural background.