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State Stick Flags

State Stick Flags

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State stick flags are a great educational tool. Teachers can assign a project where each student gets a state and brings in a major export of that state. For instance, if a student is assigned Florida, he or she can bring in oranges to share. Students could choose a state randomly by reaching into a bag full of all 50 state flags. It would be a fun and educational lesson.

Here at the United States Flag Store, we sell state flags individually, or an entire set of all 50 states in both 4x6 inch and 12x18 inch sizes. We also carry classroom wall brackets for flags, plus various bases for hand flags. These bases allow you to proudly display one to six flags with options for a weighted bottom.

Hand flags are educational and fun, plus the quality you’ll find at the United States Flag Store is simply unsurpassed. All of our flags are printed on high quality polyester and all edges are sewn for greater durability. And starting at under $2 a piece, it’s a great value.

We manufacture a range of high quality state stick flags from 4x6 inch to 12 x 18 inch. They are constructed of silky polyester fabric with a pole hem and sewn edges, and are higher quality than you can find anywhere. We also offer a unique range of weighted bases for 4x6 inch flags. Stick flags are not suitable for young children. These flags are imported.

State Stick flags are non-refundable/non-returnable.

We do our best to have all the stick flag shafts and tops look alike, however some substitutions may be made in the event we are awaiting a shipment to arrive. We reserve the right to make the substitutions.