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Why do you need a workbench?

A workbench is the anchor of any workshop or space. A workbench provides a level, working surface for ease of access to any project you are working on. Without one you're scrambling for a flimsy card table or risk damaging your nice dining table. Besides that, having a dedicated workspace provides and environment that promotes focus, motivation, and creativity.

Finding a durable, sturdy, and dependable workbench is key. Here at we offer only the finest and affordable options when it comes to workbenches.

Bulk workbench and packing table tops at the lowest prices. Some items require minimum purchase of 6 or more for free shipping. Call us for even better deals on 866-667-8454, or email us at Due to size and weight of these workbench tops they will normally ship by freight from our warehouse in New Stanton PA, near Pittsburgh. We can provide free shipping with a 200 mile delivery area using our own truck. These are high quality tops rated at 200 lbs / sq ft or higher.