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Vertical Wall Mounted Flag Poles
Commercial Grade Sectional, Know the Basics:

Vertical Wall Mounted Flagpole - Available in 4 Great Finishes!

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Available in heights ranging from 8ft – 27ft, these poles are a great choice for businesses, mounting it on the wall makes it prominent and out of reach for thieves or vandals. They have a wall thickness of .125” and a butt diameter of 3” adding to the overall strength of the pole. Guaranteed for five years.


  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball Ornament
  • Cast aluminum stationary truck
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • Nylon flag snaps
  • Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screw
  • Cast aluminum mounting brackets
  • Lifetime warranty (more details)
Vertical Wall Mounted Flag Poles

Vertical Wall Mounted Flag Poles

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Vertical Wall-Mounted Flagpoles combine the heavy-duty capabilities of an in-ground flagpole with the convenience and space-saving aspects of a wall-mounted flagpole. Vertical wall-mounted flagpoles attach to the upper corner of a building and extend above the roofline, prominently displaying a flag while keeping it well out of reach of thieves or vandals. Flagpoles are available in a range of sizes, from 8 feet to 27 feet.
Vertical wall-mounted flagpoles are a great choice for businesses that don't have space in front of the building for an in-ground flagpole, but still want to prominently display a flag. The poles have a wall thickness of 0.125 inches and a butt diameter of 3 inches for superior strength. Wall-mounted vertical flagpoles are guaranteed for 5 years. Flags sold separately.