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Wall Mounting Flag Kits

Wall Mounting Flag Kits

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Telescoping flagpoles extend from about 5 feet to their full height in just seconds and lock in place for stability. The flagpoles are easy to use and there is no rope to snarl or tangle. Simply lower the pole, clip your flag in place using a clip attached to a rotating ring on the pole and extend the pole to its full height. Online Stores carries our own brand of telescoping flagpole as well as topflight flagpoles made by Sunsetter.

Whether you want to fly an American flag, a historical flag, a state flag, a team flag or some other design, you'll find the perfect wall mounting flag kit for your needs at Online Stores. Flag kits also make a great gift idea for collectors, patriots, new homeowners and more.

These Wall Mounting US flagpole kits are unbeatable value, and include everything you need, flag, pole, even the screws! Our flag pole kits are durable, fine quality flag poles and flags. We have a range of pricing and quality based on everyone's budget. Whether you are flying the American Flag, a historical flag, your state flag or supporting the troops we have a kit for everyone.

Makes a Great Gift Idea!

Most of these kits are made by Online Stores PA LLC. We welcome wholesale inquiries to

We also have a wide selection of in ground flagpole kits.

*Please Note - In inclement weather (rain, sleet, snow, high winds, etc), we recommend storing your wall-mount flag poles indoors. When flying a flag in such weather, stress can be placed on the pole or bracket, and can cause damage to the pole, bracket, or your house itself. Online Stores will not be held liable for any damage caused by weather conditions.

The United States Flag Store is your one-stop-shop for any type of flagpole you may need. We have commercial grade flagpoles ranging from 15 feet all the way up to 100 feet. Any business looks bigger and better with Old Glory flying high above the building. Having an American flag draws attention to a building and shows the pride of an American company.

Our sectional flagpoles are available to ship via standard UPS shipping, which allows for a much greater reduction in price. We have a special economy series of flagpoles and different options such as fiberglass, steel, and a nautical series.

We also carry residential flagpole kits as well as wall mount kits for any type of installation. If you’re not sure of the height you need, get one of our convenient telescoping flagpoles and let the Stars and Stripes fly over your home.

Of course, we carry indoor flags and poles along with many accessories to make your presentation the best it can be. We even offer garden flag poles and flagpoles for street lights.