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20ft Commercial Grade Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole - (Ships UPS)


MPN: 395 - 20Ft Residential/3 Piece

$394.49 $319.95

Quick Overview

  • 5 year warranty (more details)
  • Marine grade UV resistant high gloss gel coat finish
  • Easy to install, no expert assistance required
  • Comes complete with all the fittings that you need.
  • Flagged windspeed of 55 MPH with a 3ft x5ft or 4ft x 6ft flag

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

More Information

Availability: In Stock: Ships in 1-2 Business Days.



The 20' Commercial Grade Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole available at Online Stores is easy to install without the aid of an outside expert. Finished with a Marine-grade high-gloss gel that is UV resistant, this residential-grade fiberglass pole comes in three pieces and has a gold anodized aluminum spun ball top. It does not conduct electricity. The pole's tensile strength is 50,000 pounds per square inch. Order from Online Stores and this outside flag pole will ship via UPS.

Please note: Recommended flag size for this pole is 3ft x 5ft.


  • Ships UPS oversized
  • Unflagged wind speed of 100 MPH
  • Marine Grade UV Resistant High Gloss gel coat finish
  • 50,000 lbs per square inch tensile strength
  • Does not conduct electricity
  • Easy to Install
  • Butt diameter 3.75", Top diameter 2"
  • Wall thickness = 5mm-6mm
  • Total length of pole is 22ft.

For warranty information and more about buying a commercial grade flagpole click here.

20ft Commercial Grade Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole - (Ships UPS)

20ft Commercial Grade Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole - (Ships UPS).

  • Price: $319.95 - In stock
  • Brand: Annin
  • Product ID: CPAFR3P20

Customer Reviews

Seems like it's good quality Review by Davey
I received the flag pole as expected, It was easy to assemble and install. It looks great. (Posted on 8/24/2018)
Exceptional Review by Lynn
I was forced to replace an existing flag pole that had broken thanks to my neighbors tree cutters. I was dreading it, but this is a beautiful flag pole! Since I already had a sleeve in the ground, it took about 5 minutes to assemble this one, shim it in the sleeve and fly the flag. It is prefect! Slightly wider at the base and tapers to the top. I was worried about the seam running up it, but fortunately it is not really noticeable. The finish is gorgeous, clean white. 20’ is perfect, not too tall, doesn’t look short. Great experience with company. Although it was stressful wondering what I bought just based on pictures, the product far exceeded my expectations. You won’t regret buying this one! (Posted on 8/21/2018)
very easy to install Review by John
Shipping was very fast and I was able to get the pole up in time for July 4th. The instructions said 8 bags of concrete but I only used 6. I let the concrete set for two days before I installed the pole. All the sections went together very easily and all the holes lined up for the screws. Instead of wood shims I used composite shims which will not rot and then sealed the rim with caulking, Pole and flag look great behind a large rock that has been engraved. (Posted on 7/3/2018)
With some modifications, this is an excellent flag pole. Review by Skipper 6_71
Evaluation of Annin 20 Ft 3-Section Flagpole

I purchased this pole to replace a badly corroded home-made galvanized steel flagpole that was installed years ago by the previous owner. I live right on the lower Potomac River, which is all saltwater. The main problem with this pole as shipped is that some of the metal parts are standard steel and will quickly rust in this environment and will eventually rust in any North American environment.
Basically, it is a very good and well-designed flagpole, but can be made into an excellent flagpole with some replacements and modifications. See below.

I had no problem aligning the three sections together as some have reported.

The hardest part of installation was making sure that the sleeve that holds the pole in the ground was kept aligned while pouring concrete around it. It would have been helpful if the manufacturer had included an insert (plastic or similar material) that fit tightly into the sleeve that would allow for a screw-in pole, centered, like a mop handle. That would have made alignment much easier and would have assisted in keeping concrete from getting inside of the sleeve. Tape up the top end of the sleeve before pouring the concrete in order to keep it out of the inside of the sleeve. Mark the top of the sleeve at the 1” depth so you know where the concrete needs to be.

A design improvement would be to have a slightly tapered sleeve so that when the flagpole is inserted into the sleeve it rests very tightly into the bottom. See below.

The cover for the base is cheap and the hole is considerably larger than the pole base. It’s worthless. Throw it away and make something that works better. I used a heavy composite flower pot base, 2.5” deep, and cut a 3.4” hole in the middle. I’m sure there are other creative options out there.

Items to be fixed, modified, or replaced before installation
1. Replace the ½” cheap steel ball finial lock nut with stainless steel. The ball itself and the threaded section is not steel. Consider replacing the brass ball altogether with a different topper.
2. Tap out the steel pin holding the roller wheel in the truck. The pin is 6 mm. However, the hole in the wheel is slightly over ¼”. So, drill out the holes in the truck that the pin was in to ¼” and use a ¼” stainless steel through bolt with nylon lock nut. Another (not totally necessary) improvement is to insert very thin stainless steel flat washers on each side of the wheel. This will tighten up any wobble in the wheel and force it to run true.
3. Screw out the three stainless steel “grub” screws in the truck. Once you position the truck so that it lines up with the rope cleat holding the bottom section to the middle section, tighten up the three “grub” screws per instructions. Then remove the grub screw opposite the roller wheel and drill a small hole through the aluminum cap and screw in stainless steel pan-head wood screw of the appropriate size. 1” #6 should do the job. This will assure that the truck will not come loose from the pole in even a hurricane wind.
4. Replace the single screw holding the middle section to the top section with a stainless steel screw of the same size. It’s a 1.25” #6 screw.
5. Note that the screws to attach the rope cleat and secure the bottom section to the middle section are stainless steel.
6. Once you have the pole set into the sleeve, you want to secure the bottom of the pole tightly in the sleeve. Shims inserted in the top will not do this, allowing some wobble and mis-alignment at the bottom. I used a piece of 3/8” rubber hose, cut to twice the diameter of the pole base, and forced it down to the bottom of the sleeve (using a rifle cleaning rod) in order to stabilize the bottom of the pole. This will stabilize the base and will provide a barrier for the sand we are going to be using to further stabilize the pole in the sleeve.
7. Align the pole in the sleeve and start inserting shims. Use a vertical level to check your work. You will need to play with the shims to get the proper alignment (plumb.) Do not use wooded shims to secure the pole into the sleeve. They will shrink as they dry out and eventually rot. Purchase a pack of composite or plastic shims from most any hardware store.
8. Once the shims are properly installed and the pole has been plumbed, pour fine, dry sand into the gap between the pole and sleeve. (“Play sand” available at most hardware stores works great.) This will further stabilize the flag pole. While you are doing this, hit the pole several times with your hand so that the sand will filter to the bottom of the sleeve. Keep adding sand until it will take no more. After a week or two, you will likely need to add more sand.

Once these modifications are made and procedures followed, you will end up with a very stable, tough, and rust-free flag pole. W. D. Neal, Hague, Virginia.
(Posted on 6/28/2018)

Additional Information

Flagpole Type Commercial, Fiberglass, Sectional
Flagpole Size 20ft
Brand Annin
Manufacturer Part Number 395 - 20Ft Residential/3 Piece
Country of Origin United Kingdom

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