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Car Flags & Motorcycle Flags

Car Flags & Motorcycle Flags

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Our Car flags are made of durable, knitted polyester and are double sided for longer life. The staff and window clip are made of nylon.

After trying a large number of different suppliers, we finally found one that was suitable for highway use. However if you drive at speeds over 50 mph frequently the life of these flags may be 1 month or less. But that is pretty good considering the extreme conditions. These flags are equal or better quality to car flags sold by other web sites for up to $20 each. We purchase in bulk directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers. These car flag are made outside of the US.

Car flags are a great way to show your pride in your country, our veterans, and even sports teams. We even make high quality custom car flags for anything you’d like to promote, including businesses, organization, graduations, and more!

US car flags are used on the presidential limousines, and you can have that look for your car, too! We carry military and POW flags, as well. Imagine picking up a soldier from the airport after a tour of duty and the car is lined with American car flags!

NFL team car flags are a very popular item and we also carry a Christian car flag. There are also solid color flags so you can mix and match to your own design. Remember, wherever you go, you can advertise your business, so a car flag is a great promotional choice!

We stock large numbers of US car flags!