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Flag Cases for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag

Flag Cases for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag

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These flag cases hold the standard 5ft x 9.5ft memorial, burial or interment flag, which is used to cover the casket. If your flag was used to cover a casket it is the larger 5ft x 9.5ft size, andwillfit in this size of flag case.

Please note that flags are not included and must be ordered separately. Also, personalized engraved plates do not come mounted on the display case.

Our flag display cases are from top manufacturers including Spartacraft Uni-Sim, two of the largest makers of flag cases. We also offer our own range of flag cases that are great values. These beautiful, high quality wood flag display cases in your choice of Cherry, Oak, or Maple. All are designed to encase the 5' x 9.5' memorial flag. All cases come with a glass front. We also have pedestals andcotton US flags.

You can add anengraved brass platefrom $5 or aservice medallionfrom just $21.79 each.

Flag cases are great items to preserve the memory of a loved one forever. The 5x9 foot flag case is made to fit a flag that was used to cover a casket. These flags are a touching memorial to a fallen soldier and deserve a case for presentation.

Here at the United States Flag Store, we carry a complete line of beautiful wooden and glass flag cases in many wood stain colors. Many of our cases are solid wood, as well. The various options we have in stock ensure that your flag case will both look beautiful and match your decor.

We have a beautiful Heritage Flag Case that looks great with an engraved plate and medallion, plus it closes down with its beautiful wood finish. The interior not only holds a flag, but also holds medals and awards on the top plush area of the case. We carry Presidential flag cases with the Presidential seal, bags for flags, and a pedestal to hold a flag case for a memorial service.

IMPORTANT - Measure your flag to insure you are ordering the correct size case. There is a $10 re-stocking fee for cases returned. If you are not sure what size case to order, please call us at 1-877-734-2458, and we'll be glad to help!