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English Tea Store

English Tea Store

At the English Tea Store, we offer over 100 different kinds of tea. We manufacture our English Tea Store brand loose leaf and bagged tea, which is high quality at a low price, and we import top brands like PG Tips, the #1 tea in the UK, Taylors of Harrogate, Twinings and more. Search our wide collection Fine Bone China, Teapots, Tea Sets, Electric Kettles and other Tea Accessories.


Top Products


    Our brand provides gourmet taste at supermarket prices.

  • Brand Name Tea

    We offer over 100 different teas, including white tea, which is now our top seller due to the taste and health benefits.

  • Loose Leaf Tea

    Why not try several varieties to see which ones you, your family and friends like best?

  • Teapots

    We offer a wide selection of teapots & tea for ones from $4.24 to over $60.

  • British Food

    We sell a wide variety of British food including clotted cream, scones and puddings, cookies / biscuits, crisps and candy / sweets.

  • Tea Sets

    We carry the Heirloom Collection, fine bone china imported from England, stainless steel tea sets, glass tea sets, and low-cost porcelain tea sets.

  • Tea Chests

    This solid wood tea chest includes your choice of 8 different types of individually wrapped teabags - 10 count each.

  • Electric Kettles

    An electric kettle is the best way to boil water for home and office use. It makes hot beverages like tea fast and easy to prepare.